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The thing about games as big as The Elder Scrolls titles is that you can do a lot of morally questionable stuff in their side quests and essentially get away with it. Sure, your experience path may branch depending on how you've played the titles' bigger decisions but you can do a lot of dirty deeds in the fringes of the big RPG universes and still be deemed a hero.


Bethesda knows this about their players and know they want to hear about all the messed-up stuff you've done. If you tell them your sins, you may have a shot at attending the exclusive launch party they'll be holding for Skyrim next week in Los Angeles. You start off Skyrim in a dingy prison and this is your chance to say what heinous act put you there. So, if you robbed an entire village blind or killed innocents just for kicks, you might actually reap some rewards. Winners will get a prize pack that includes a custom Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Xbox 360 console with a 320 GB hard drive, 1600 Microsoft Points and a three-month Xbox Live Gold subscription. The vile miscreant who wins the Grand Prize gets the tricked out console, a year-long Xbox Live subscription and 16,000 Microsoft Points. You only have until Saturday to enter so get your confessions ready.

What Was Your Crime? [The Elder Scrolls]

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