Ferrari Challenge Joins PS3 Trophy Support List

The latest PS3 title to get trophy support is Ferrari Challenge, already out in Europe but on its way Stateside already. Mark Cale of publisher System 3 recently participated in a live chat with Eurogamer readers, during which he said:

Mark Cale: We're really impressed with what Sony are doing with Trophies, and we'll be making an update available very soon to allow the game to support these features in the future.


Ferrari Challenge joins titles like PixelJunk Eden, BioShock and Uncharted in adding support for the achievement-esque trophies. Cale was also asked, incidentally, about whether the PS3 and DS title (no license for the Xbox 360) might make a PC debut, and he was tongue-in-cheek:

Mugwum asks: Just to follow up on the earlier question about Xbox 360, is there anything to stop you doing a PC version, and do you have any plans to do so? Mark Cale: Watch this space!

Ferrari Challenge's Mark Cale [Eurogamer]

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