Female Shepard Finally Gets Cover Girl Glory in Mass Effect 3

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Mr. Commander Shepard, star of Mass Effect video game box art, is going to have to share the cover with his female counterpart, Ms. Commander Shepard, at least in the collector's edition version of Mass Effect 3, BioWare says.


While the masculine version of Shepard has dominated official screen shots, wallpapers and box art for the first two Mass Effect games—he's also prominently featured on the standard edition Mass Effect 3 box—the feminine Shepard is finally getting some attention from BioWare. "FemShep" will also get her own official trailer, according to BioWare's director of marketing David Silverman, via NeoGAF.

Silverman says Mass Effect 3's collector's edition art is "One side male, one side female," but it sounds like the official look for female Shepard is still being locked down. Silverman tweets that BioWare "are working on the look now."


Hopefully, given the diversity of Mass Effect players' millions of Shepards, they'll surprise us with something other than the default female version of the commander.

Image credit: Margaret from FemShep.com

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Everyone I know makes FemShep a red-head, including me. Make her a red head!

(Oh, and Renegade as ****, too!)