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Felicia Day Among Time's Must-Follow Twitterati

Illustration for article titled Felicia Day Among Times Must-Follow Twitterati

What do Neil Gaiman, Lady Gaga, Xeni Jardin and Felicia Day have in common? They all made Time's list for best Twitter feeds.


With 1.8 million followers and quite a few geek and gamer-friendly television shows under her belt, Day is currently at the 20 spot on the list. Day has appeared (or will soon) in such great shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dragon Age: Redemption, The Guild, and, of course, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. I believe she's also the only Twitterati even tangentially linked to gaming on the list of 140 folks to follow.

What gamer types do you follow on Twitter?

140 Best Twitter Feeds [Time]

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I'm probably the only one left, but i don't follow anyone. Oh! And i don't actually have a twitter account.

Aside from the occasional promotion announced on this or that company's feed, i can't imagine why i'd care.

Any reasons why i should?