You may have fond memories of the 1991 launch of Nintendo's SNES, but according to a recently unearthed local news broadcast, some parents were steaming at the notion of the new 16-bit console.


The segment "Video Mania," via NeoGAF, from Los Angeles affiliate KNBC features Rogue from the X-Men and the upper torso of newsman Kent Shocknek discussing the impending SNESpocalypse while playing some F-Zero. Opening on a "therapy session" for the parents of kids with Nintendo-borne disorders, Shocknek delivers a frightening prediction of a new console generation being ushered in.

"So, it has come to this. Therapy sessions for families whom you could call 'Ninten-pendent,'" the newsman says, cutting to parents who feel "exploited." "Psychologists' offices might get more crowded this holiday season. Just in time for Christmas, the Japanese toy maker Nintendo has come out with a new set of electronic video games."


The SNES, which promises "better pictures, sound and adventures," Shocknek says, comes with a high price and limited capabilities. "At $200, a Super Nintendo set up costs twice as much as the old system. And you can't mix and match."

Just wait until you see some of the "parents are refusing to be taken in." They're piiisssed.

You, however, may be pleased to see some rare, early Super Mario World footage.

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