Fate: Unlimited Codes Preview: Fight

Fate: Unlimited Codes, a 2D fighter based on an erotic Japanese "visual novel", seems to be packing some pretty solid fighting elements. And it should be: The team behind Tatsunoku Vs. Capcom made it.

What Is It?
Japanese eroge visual novel game Fate/stay night, turned anime television show, turned 2D fighter for the Playstation portable.

What We Saw
I played a couple of matches with three or four different characters.

How Far Along Is It?

What Needs Improvement?
Something: There's nothing really wrong with the game, but there's also very little to set it apart from other 2D fighters. Sure you can play as women in Victorian dress, but I'd like a little more sizzle with my fighters.


WiFi: While Fate: Unlimited Codes features local wireless play for two players, it doesn't support any online gaming, which is tragic. Capcom seems to be the master of this tech, why not bring it to the PSP.

What Should Stay The Same?
Solid Fighting Mechanic: The moves, the specials, all feel very similar. Not surprising since developers behind it also made Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection for the PSP and Bleach: Heat the Soul 4 for the portable. Fortunately, I see more of those games in this one, than Castlevania Judgment, which they co-developed. In particular, the game reminded most of Tekken 5, even before I realized the same studio made it.

Faithful Adaption: The game includes the same anime cut scenes and same art style as the anime. So what fans there are of the show in the U.S. should be pleased.

Plenty To Do: With 17 characters, 250 missions and unlockable costumes, it should be quite some time before you run out of things to do in Fate.


Final Thoughts
The game seems to be a solid enough fighter, but without any personal experience with the source material, I found myself wondering why I would want to play it. For fans of the show or "novel", I'm sure Fate: Unlimited Codes will be a big hit.

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Turambar: B> Selvaria Body Pillow

The VN itself is actually quite light on sex scenes actually compared to other eroge.