Fatalities are OK in Mortal Kombat. Finger Banging, No.

Someone hacked apart the config file data for Mortal Kombat on the PS3 and in addition to discovering about 17 on-disc DLC character skins - and, weirdly, a dummy support-string for Kinect, they found hundreds of wirdy-dirds banned from text communication in MK's online play.

You can see them all at the link. It's like a Scribblenauts dictionary of profanity, banning words like "murder," home appliances like "crapper," and even nations like "Niger." Someone really did their homework. "Dingleberry," "sphincterface,"and "crackspackler" also are on here. Those on the watch for reverse racism should note that "white trash" is forbidden. It's multi-lingual, too. Cretino, Italian for "asshole," also makes the censored list.


Config Data for MK9 for PS3 [lo-ping.net via GamesRadar]

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