Fatal1ty: Pro Gamers Are Like Rock N Roll Stars

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In a breathless Christian Science Monitor article about pro-gaming (no doubt inspired by the proximity of the World Cyber Games to the Olympics), Gloria Goodale breaks the news to their readers that people actually get paid money to play video games competitively. She even warns readers not to snicker, seeing that ESPN broadcasts the even less athletic pro poker tourneys. It doesn't take long for the article to enter familiar territory, pinning the hopes of pro gaming on Johnathan ""Fatal1ty" Wendel, who wraps up the shortish story with this doozie of a quote:

"It's the same way with the big rock-'n'-roll stars," he says. "You think it's all glitz and glamour, but it's a lot of time on the road, away from your family, sleeping in strange places. It's fun for now, but it's also a lot of work." But, he adds with a sly smile, "nobody can say video games are a waste of time anymore. I'm living proof of that."


Sly smile? Yikes! While I understand this was meant to be more of a gee-whiz article, it would have been nice to really dig into the world of pro-gaming and dredge up some sort of conclusion about the likelihood of its success. What about DISH Network's pro-gaming efforts? Video-gaming strives for respect. Is it a sport?


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@Billkwando:Amen. I love my gaming and there's nothing better then having a bunch of friends over or even doing a comic/anime con and having a blast with people who aren't deadly serious about profit and prizes. While a few 'professionals' avoid the trap that Fatal1ty's dived head first into, there is no faster way to make gaming unfun then turn it into anything like the laughable scam that Poker and everything else they can stick in front of a TV camera. These people are not fun to play. They are self-centered assholes and they will make you want to strangle them with the remote. It's a fact of life.

Will 'pro gaming' ever hit it as big as poker and whatnot? No. Will Fatal1ty end up a has-been who's 15 mins in the sun is way past dried up? Oh yeah. I hope he's invested the 3-400k he's made and invested well because his time in the sun is fast drying up.