Fat Princess Gets Patched, Demoed

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Patch 1.03 hits the PlayStation Network today for Fat Princess, bringing a new map called New Pork. Also, there's now a demo you can download if you're not convinced of Fat Princess's fatness.


Even better, both of these things are free. So you too can get in on the choke points, silly hats and magic cake madness.

Here's what developer Titan Studios has to say about the patch:

After playing innumerable games, reading the forums and piles of email, and reviewing all the great feedback we received from you, the fans, we have made a variety of tweaks to the gameplay balance and systems to ensure the game stays fair, fresh and as fun as ever.

Here is a full breakdown of all the changes that can be found in the upcoming patch:

New Map

* A brand new awesome city map has been added called New Pork…and it's free!

Game System Tweaks

* The host's ability to kick and ban players has been removed.
* The ability for players to switch teams post-game is now restricted so that sides cannot be unbalanced by more than 2 players.
* A new switching team system has been implemented during matches:

* If there is a deficit of 2 players between teams, the weaker team will drop a team colored ball on the death of a player.
* Picking up the colored ball switches a player's team and rewards them with a 300 point bonus.
* So…get the ball.
* The 10 game average ranking system has been removed.
* A new ranking system has been implemented, which adds rank points for every game based on the player's score.
* Awarded ranking titles will now never go down once earned.
* Online leaderboards have been increased to display all players not just the top 1000.
* All online leaderboards are to be reset shortly after patch 1.03 is released, but all unlocked customizations and trophies will remain unlocked. You will not lose them.

Main Bug Fixes

* The Princess disappearing bug has been fixed.
* The issue with statistics and trophies not saving correctly has been fixed.

Character Balancing

* The Dark Priest's lock-on range has been reduced.
* The Dark Priest's drain ability has been slightly reduced.
* The Ranger now has larger movement penalty when locked on and charging attacks.
* The Adv. Ranger has a smaller shot dispersion and increased damage per shot.
* The Warrior's attack damage has been increased slightly.
* The Warrior's movement speed has been increased slightly when locked on and charging attacks.
* The Warrior's 360 degree protect when his shield is raised has been increased from 20% to 40%
* Warrior's Lock on range increased to match Ranger to stop class being hit from behind when retreating
* Warriors weapon collision box increased in size to aid with hit detection
* Adv Warrior speed increased slightly when locked on and charging to match his normal movement speed
* Adv Warrior damage increased
* Adv Worker's bomb knockback force removed
* Princess calorie burn decreased slightly in weight state 3 and 4

Control Tweaks

* Two new control schemes have been implemented to allow players to use the R1 button to attack and to free the player's right hand for target switching. This is AWESOME.

Scoring Updates

* New switching team bonus added of 300 points.
* Princess rescue score increased to 300 points.
* Princess rescue assistance bonus increased to 150 points.
* Princess escort bonus increased to 75 points.
* Win game scoring reduced to 150 points.
* Match completion bonus added of 75 points.
* Average Rank bonus award removed for games won under 3 minutes.
* Bonus score for winning games in under 3 minutes removed.

Additional Tweaks

* Candy confetti added as a special effect when blood is turned off. Check this out – it is really cool.
* All loading screens now in color.
* Loading screens now allow players to scroll to next and previous tips during the load.

We look forward to slaughtering you – ahem, seeing you – on the battlefield!


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"The Princess disappearing bug has been fixed"

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