If there was ever anything you wanted to know about Fat Princess β€” aside from her exact dress size β€” now's the time to ask.

Developer Titan Studios plans to answer a selection of fan-submitted questions in a PlayStation Eye conference next week. You can submit your own question here, after scrolling past three new screen shots of the game.

So far, the 150-odd question submission comment thread has been dominated by release date queries. You may recall the game was pushed back from its June release to a nebulous worldwide release date "at some point this summer." Then Titan went and announced a PSP spin-off around E3 time, which raises some uncomfortable questions about distribution of development resources. Is it worth asking whether they'll push back the release all the way until A Fist Full of Cake comes out?

If you think so, hit up the PlayStation Blog and see if your question is chosen for next week's developer Q&A.


Fat Princess: Her Majesty Awaits… [PlayStation Blog]