Fat Princess Delayed In Japan

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Slated for release today, the Sony published capture-the-plump-princess title has been pushed back in Japan.


Some on the Japanese internet are suggesting that the reason for the delay is that the game's cute cartoon characters have four fingers — "four" is the equivalent of "13" in Japanese, a highly unlucky number that can reference death. Also, when yakuza chop off fingers to apologize for mistakes, they are left with four digits.

However, Mickey Mouse has four fingers in Japan, so not sure if I entirely buy that reason. However, the cover art for Left4Dead ran into censorship issues in Japan regarding missing fingers...

The release date for Fat Princess in Japan is TBA.

PlayStation.com(Japan) | お知らせ | PlayStation®3専用ソフトウェア『ぽっちゃり☆プリンセス』(PlayStation®Storeダウンロード専用タイトル)発売日延期のご案内 [Sony via はちま起稿]



I'd buy that explanation a lot more if The Simpsons (who all have four fingers) weren't already in Japan on television and in advertisements.