Fat Princess Brouhaha on Fox News

Click to view That Fat Princess controversy is hitting mainstream news, apparently. Fox News has taken note, too. Its chatty Fox & Friends did some short commentary on it. Insights include:

"She just happens to be. She's a fat princess. It happens."

"She can have cake, but not Carl's Jr. Back away from the fastfood princess."

Thanks DavidXSee for the tip!


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@Just_as_planned: McEwan made a rant about it, and all the other blogs fell in line. She deleted all trolly or even disagreeing comments on the first post, then she made a second post, and effectively invited the trolls in just so she and her readers could make fun of them. She even turned off the comment moderation. Last time I checked, that post was at over 1500 comments.

I've also had people point out to me that McEwan herself is a gamer.