To: Ash
From: Crecente


I had my physical today. Here's what I learned:

*I put on 20 pounds in the past year.
*I have high cholesterol.
*I have borderline high blood sugar.

I suppose I could blame all of this on my increasingly sedentary lifestyle, as dictated by long hours sitting at my desk blogging. Or I could blame all of those "event" meals made up of tiny, shiny food. But this is all on me. I've gotten, not fat because I've always been thin, but certainly lazy over the past year.

Two years ago I would walk the dogs twice a day, workout at the gym once a week and maybe squeeze in some road biking with my wife. But these days I get winded walking around the house talking on the phone.


Unless I lower my cholesterol in six months, the doctor told me, I'll be put on high cholesterol meds. That's not happening. Tomorrow I start working out again. Dammit!

How are you doing workout wise?

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