Fastfood Chain in Japan Serving Spaghetti Burgers

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In short, it's spaghetti plus a hamburger. A spaghetti burger. What could go wrong?


While this certainly isn't the first spaghetti burger, this is one of the first to be offered by a major fast food chain—in Japan, at least. Dubbed the Neapolitan Burger, the meal was created by famous Japanese chef Tatsuya Kawagoe.

Served on two buns, the Neapolitan Burger is made with finely ground meat and pasta with, well, Neapolitan sauce and a piece of lettuce. According to NariNari, the burger goes on sale for a limited time later next month in Japan for 420 yen ($4).

川越達也のナポリタンバーガー、ロッテリアが9月下旬までの期間限定で [NariNari]

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Good thing they let us know it comes on two buns. Wouldn't want anyone thinking the spaghetti replaces one of them.

Still, at this point them might as well go all the way and replace one or both buns with a grilled cheese sandwich. Or maybe Okonomiyaki. Has that been done yet?