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Fastball 2 Hopes You Like Rolling Balls

Fastball 2 is a game for people who love Canabalt but can't handle all that death and destruction.


The game was actually first released last year, but a recent update has seen it catapult itself back near the top of the "free" section of the App Store's "Games" chart.


It's as simple as games come: a ball rolls along a platform, and you hit the screen to make it jump so that it can overcome obstacles. While there are countless teeming millions of other games like this, Fastball 2 at least a certain charm about it, especially when you play it in "cartoon" mode (as opposed to "sci-fi" mode), because its soundtrack makes you feel like you're starring in an old French comedy. About balls.

There's not much to do aside from swipe and swipe some more, but with two themes giving the game replay value, it's pretty good for something that's free.

Fastball 2 [iTunes App Store]

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