Tim Gunn, fashion critic and "star" of reality TV show Project Runway, doesn't just give his two cent's worth on real people's clothes. He's got some harsh words for superheroes as well.

Black Canary, for example, will always be in trouble, no matter how wide the weave on her fishnets.

It's a blast looking at these things in a way - and I'm only speculating here - you've probably never looked at them before.

Having seen this now, and knowing what he thinks of Mario, I wonder what he'd think of certain other video game characters and their costumes. Is Master Chief a walking green pepper with a scooter helmet? Marcus Fenix a post-apocalyptic extra from The Longest Yard? Bayonetta a...well, I'm sure both critics and fans can both agree on just what she is.


'This Looks So Broadway': Tim Gunn Critiques Superhero Costumes [NPR]