FarmVille's Creepiest Crop Is The 'Watermelon Baby'

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FarmVille players in China have access to some incredibly bizarre vegetation. Take the "Watermelon Baby," for example, a Chinese exclusive crop that bursts forth with a pink, fruity fetal-thing that demands a player's attention.


Maybe it will encourage players to check in on their own kids?

When this weird watermelon is ready for harvest, out pops the baby, which doesn't look quite human, thank goodness. The FarmVille Watermelon Baby is short-lived, lasting only five minutes before withering into the browned husk seen on the right. FarmVille China player Gorbie writes on the game's official forums, spotted by, that "seeing the withered babies is pretty traumatizing." Probably not Zynga's intention, but yes a "dead baby" on your farm is potentially unsettling imagery.


So why is it in there? Some theories:

1. It's a fast and expensive way for FarmVille players to burn Farm Coins.
2. It's a delicious response to China's one-child policy. Who's to say how many watermelon offspring you can have?
3. It's a subtle reminder to FarmVille players that they should check in on their own children once in a while.

Any other theories? Are you thoroughly disturbed by Watermelon Baby?

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I'm reminded of a short story I read once about a murderer finding a small blob creature living in his closet which, over the course of like a month, grows into a pale, rotting child and stalks him until he can't take it anymore and decides to kill himself.