FarmVille 'Mistletoe Lane Chapter 6' Goals: Everything You Need to Know

It's another Monday in the holiday season, which means that another chapter of the Christmas-themed goals in FarmVille's Mistletoe Lane is now available. We've made it to Chapter 6, which contains six goals for us to complete over the next seven days. We're here with a complete guide to finishing these quests, thanks… »12/11/12 1:55pm

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Chapter 5 Goals: Everything You Need to Know

The Mistletoe Lane storyline has progressed in FarmVille this evening as a series of six new goals has been released in the farm's Chapter 5 goal series. These goals will be available for the next week, and you'll need to work and plan ahead as much as you can along the way to stand the best chance of finishing all… »12/04/12 12:55pm

FarmVille 'Mistletoe Lane Chapter 3' Goals: Everything You Need to Know

Today marks the free launch of Mistletoe Lane in FarmVille for those players that didn't pay Farm Cash to get to the game's newest Christmas farm early. Waiting for all players when they arrive is a new chapter of goals to complete in the game's storyline, with the six new Chapter 3 goals being available to complete… »11/20/12 12:55pm

FarmVille Cider Brewing Goals: Everything You Need to Know

Back in September, FarmVille players were introduced to Juicy Joe, a health conscious character that brought us a series of "Juicy Joe" goals, along with prizes like fruit-themed animals and trees. Now that cider season has rolled around, Joe reappears on our farms via a series of goals called simply: "Cider Brewing."… »11/16/12 12:55pm

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Chapter 1 Goals: Everything You Need to Know

As part of Zynga's incredibly early Christmas celebration in FarmVille, players that are willing to shell out the 35 Farm Cash for early access to Mistletoe Lane are greeted with weeks of exclusive content that won't be available to those that wait for free access to release later this month. For instance, as soon as… »11/06/12 12:55pm