The Enchanted Glen Update Goes Live: FarmVille is Magic

Today Zynga transforms FarmVille into a magical wonderland of joy and laughter and joyness with the Enchanted Glen update, now live for players level 15 and up that didn't manage to secure early access. Can I farm ponies now?

According to the Zynga blog post, FarmVille's ninth expansion tells the story of the Sun Fairy Sola, who's fallen into a magical slumber. The only way to restore order is by harnessing the most powerful for in the universe—farming. This makes complete sense to me.


Using the power of farming, players will unlock a variety of new magical crops and animals, including not only winged horses, but winged cows as well. Winged cows.

I love that FarmVille isn't above tearing a massive gaping hole in reality in order to slip in additional content for its dedicated players. Lesser games would have just released a fantasy-themed spin-off. FarmVille transcends physical law to keep its players happy, and that's magic.

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