As promised, FarmVille is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, dooming millions to endless mobile toil on virtual farms, unless the app's slow speed and crashing save the day.

FarmVille for the iPhone crashed on me four times before finally loading my farm, seen in the screenshot above. Once it did load my Facebook farm, navigation was slow, the touch screen unresponsive, and the overall experience was a lot more frustrating than simply loading the game up on a normal computer and clicking for a few hours.

Of course I have the original iPhone 3G. For all I know this is blazing new trails of glory on the 3Gs and iPhone 4. Plus I've yet to try the app upscaled on my iPad. I'm almost afraid to. What if it works brilliantly, and I'm lost forever? Best not to chance it.


If you'd like to give it a go, we won't stop you.