FarmVille Grows Into The English Countryside

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How do you expand a farming game played by more than 44 million people a month? You give them another farm. FarmVille English Countryside expansion gives FarmVille players a whole new row to hoe.

FarmVille players level 20 and above that log into the game today will be greeted by a crash-landing zeppelin, heralding the beginning of the game's British invasion. After helping a stranded English Duke repair his airship (apparently he needs a lot of cotton), he invites players back to his homeland, where the village farms are in a state of disarray. If only there was someone with the farming skill to bring them back to life. Hmmm.

The English Countryside expansion isn't merely a case of same harvest, different place. Players will discover entirely new crops that grow faster than ever; decorative British buildings, from an English cottage to a police call box; and the ability to breed with baby lambs.


Or just breed baby lambs. I'm a little unclear.

"We've been blown away by the success of FarmVille and we wanted to find a way to give back to the game's enthusiastic fans," said Todd Arnold, FarmVille's General Manager. "We're constantly listening to the community's feedback and we're excited to add a new chapter to one of the most popular games of all time, while also giving a nod to its international success by setting it in the English countryside."

What are you waiting for? There are crops to grow, and social gamers to berate for growing them!

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Is it bad that I kind of want to try Farmville...?