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FarmVille Creators Take On The Wild Frontier

Illustration for article titled FarmVille Creators Take On The Wild Frontier

Masters of the Ville Zynga are making a move into Oregon Trail territory with FrontierVille, the latest social game to devour the time and productivity of people the world over.


TechCruch caught sight of Zynga's latest, FrontierVille, while poking about Facebook on a developer test account. From the sighting they pulled the logo seen here, which certainly fits with the style of FarmVille, PetVille, and CafeWorld, the three Zynga titles I'm currently struggling to overcome. They've also pulled this description:

"Howdy Pardner! Let's explore a new life on the frontier. You gotta chop trees to construct buildings, clear land to raise livestock, plant crops, and raise a family. The untamed wilderness is hazardous, but your fellow pioneers are there to help."


So basically it sounds a lot like FarmVille, only with a focus on raising families rather than raising barns. With any luck, you'll be able to die of dysentery.

We've reached out to Zynga for confirmation and more information on FrontierVille, and will update should representatives take the time away from their farms to reply. Until then, despite the solid source, we're going to keep the rumor tag on this one.

Update: Zynga says they'll have more information closer to the game's launch. So, game confirmed.

Zynga's Newest Game: FrontierVille [TechCrunch via]

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Red Dead Redemption, Call of Juarex, Lead and Gold, and FrontiersVille.

I'm telling ya, Wild West is the next big thing in gaming. Zombies are out, Cowboys are in.