FarmVille 2 Animal Mastery: Everything You Need to Know

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Crop mastery has long been a staple of FarmVille 2. But farmers have never had that same "master them all" incentive to continue tending to animals if they no longer need their resources. That all changes with this week's addition of animal mastery to the game. Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded with up to three ribbons for each animal that you master.

This event receives a proper introduction, as you're given a free rabbit and some Speed Feed during the feature's tutorial. Speed Feed will allow you to feed an animal again without having to wait for the animal's feed timer to tick down as usual. As of this writing, you can purchase additional Speed Feed in bundles of 2, 10, or 25 for 2 Farm Bucks, 7 Farm Bucks, or 14 Farm Bucks each, respectively.


While you'll definitely earn mastery points for tending animals that are wandering freely around your farm, you'll also earn mastery points for tending animals that are in storage buildings, like the Goat Shelter or Chicken Coop. While these stored animals are "prized," they still count for mastery points on the original animal (i.e. Prized White Chickens will count for regular White Chicken mastery).

If you're ever interested in finding out how many more mastery points you need for a ribbon, you can head into the marketplace and hover your mouse pointer over the animal's slot in the store. Protip: While you can use Speed Feed to feed animals more often for mastery points, you're better off saving this new boost for a lengthy animal for a timed quest.

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What do you think of Animal Mastery in FarmVille 2? Will you now purchase animals that you wouldn't have before, just so you can master them? Sound off in the comments!

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