Far Cry Piracy Case Walking The Plank

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Earlier this year, the US Copyright Group filed a lawsuit against 4,577 people it accused of pirating the movie Far Cry, a big screen adaptation of a 2004 PC shooter. In December, things aren't going so well.


A District Court judge has ordered that the case can only apply to defendants who lived in the same district the suit was filed in. This leaves only 140 accused pirates left in the District of Columbia to face the music.

That's not only good news to the 4,437 people who are off the hook, but also thousands of other Americans currently facing similar action from other copyright organisations, as the same precedent will now apply to their cases as well.


As for the 140 still stuck on the case, hopefully they get off. Not because we advocate piracy here, but because surely watching Far Cry was punishment enough.

US Copyright Group Drops Cases Against Thousands of BitTorrent Users [TorrentFreak]

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