Far Cry 4 Tricks People Into Revealing They'd Pirated The Game

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If your copy of Far Cry 4 on PC doesn't have FOV (Field Of View) options, and you complained about this on a forum, you might want to go and delete your comments. Because there's a very good chance you've just outed yourself as someone who pirated the game.


Ubisoft Montreal creative director Alex Hutchinson says:

Seems the option to adjust the FOV was added as part of an update that came along with the retail release of the game, so anyone who doesn't have it is most likely (a small handful of folks might have bought a disc version and never gone online, but then, how would you be complaining online?) in possession of a pirated copy.

It's not the best means of anti-piracy I've ever seen on PC, but in terms of both frustrating and then outing pirates, it's up there.



Serious question; why do people pirate games? It's not like you are entitled to play them, and you certainly have no right to benefit from the work of dozens of people for free, so why do you do it? Is it becasue you are broke/cheap/have no morals? If you worked your ass off to make a game of this caliber, would you want people to download it and play it without compensating you? I really want to understand the entitled mindset of the average gaming pirate.

To be fair, I kind of understand pirating movies/music, since we are talking about less than $20 for each in most cases. But games cost millions to produce, and their price justifies this. Why do people feel like it is okay to completely disregard the efforts of dozens of people?