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Far Cry 2: No Girls Allowed

Illustration for article titled Far Cry 2: No Girls Allowed

Far Cry 2, Ubisoft's answer to Grand Theft Auto meets Mercenaries 2, has a lot going for it from its enormous 50-square kilometer map to its use of animal AI. Another neat feature is how they've decided to deal with the player character.


In Far Cry 2 you can't customize the way you look, instead you get to choose to play nine of the dozen characters that inhabit the game as friends. Depending on who you choose it changes some of the 75 or so side missions you can play through.


But why only nine of the dozen characters in the game? Because the other three are women.

"There are so many lines of dialog that they would have had to rescript and record if we let people play as a female," I was told.

Wow, that's not going to go over well.

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If they ever say: "hey man! get off me!"

they now have to say:

"hey woman! get off me!"

Uh. Simple solution: "Hey! You! Get off me!"

It is possible to do gender-neutral scripting, believe it or not. Requires some juggling (pronouns get nasty), but it's possible. Obviously they had no intention of doing so off the top, which tells me more than it doesn't.

Also, the assumption running through this thread that a female version of a character is automatically going to act/speak differently than a male character in the same slot is making some pretty stereotypical assumptions, too. What are we saying here, girls can't be tough, aggressive and foul-mouthed when it's called for? You don't have to go out of your way to throw rainbows and ponies and cute little babies into every line of dialogue, and in fact, if you did, the female gamers would probably smack you inna hed, so to speak....