Far Cry 2 Fortune's Pack Aptly Priced

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Ubisoft announced their Fortune's Pack DLC for Far Cry 2 last week, but neglected to mention the price. It turns out that the three new weapons, two new vehicles, and four multiplayer maps included in the package will run you 800 Microsoft points or $9.99 real life monies, the same general price for a full-sized Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network title. Remember how I said money is no object as far as a crossbow is concerned? Perhaps I spoke a bit too soon. I would have gone as high as $5 in real money or its virtual equivalent, but $10? Probably not. I'll just continue making my own maps and pretending I have a crossbow. Far Cry 2 DLC to cost 800 MS Points News [Eurogamer]


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Absolutely ridiculous. I'll just buy it when the platinum edition comes out.