Fantasy Drafts Are Returning to Madden's Career Mode

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The official Twitter feed for Madden NFL 13 just announced that fantasy drafts—a mainstay feature of the game's franchise mode for nearly a decade—will return to the game's Online "Connected Careers" mode tomorrow.


Fantasy drafts dispersed the entire NFL population of players and allowed franchise holders to reconstitute their teams through a league-wide "draft" of the top talent, before beginning the first season. The feature was removed in Madden NFL 13 presumably because of its incompatibility with the new Connected Careers Mode, which required a uniform roster supporting online play that allowed up to 32 players to participate in the same league, either as coaches or players.


Now it is returning. A screenshot released with the announcement indicates that the Fantasy Draft will include every human player present for the start of the league. Presumably, future human players may drop in and out, but the team they end up with may be radically different from the one in real life.

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Their announcement said online, can anyone confirm this will be offline as well?