Gaijin Entertainment's real-time strategy series Modern Conflict has garnered a fair amount of praise in iOS gaming circles, but many have criticized the series for a distinct lack of castles and dwarves. And so here we are.

Where are we? Why the faraway kingdom of Baldoria, where greedy dwarves have swiped the crystals that control the flow of time. This makes the King oversleep, which naturally leads to the brutal genocide of an entire race of beings, and you get to lead the charge!


Along with a healthy sense of humor, Fantasy Conflict delivers 35 campaign missions, six survival battles, and the chance to sit for hours on end, poking a finger at the screen of your favorite iOS-powered device while looking all intense, and really that's what it's all about.

Fantasy Conflict is available right now in both HD and SD flavors—same great taste, different resolutions.

Fantasy Conflict HD Version — $2.99 [iTunes]

Fantasy Conflict SD Version — $1.99 [iTunes]

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