I have been going to the Tokyo Game Show since 2004. I believe this is the first year that Hideo Kojima is not appearing on stage.

Here is 2004.

[Photo: Game Impress Watch]

And 2005.

[Photo: IT Media]


[Photo: Sieca]


[Photo: DogSV]

This is 2008.

[Photo: 4Gamer]

And 2009.

[Photo: 4Gamer]


[Photo: 4Gamer]


[Photo: Gamer]


[Photo: Kobedenshi]


[Photo via Jonathan Sewell]

Last year.

[Photo: 7chord]

This year.

[Photo: Konami]

This is not Hideo Kojima. It’s an announcer guy and Sentarou, a Japanese comedian who really loves Metal Gear. Neither of them made The Phantom Pain. And who wants to hear from the guy who created the game? Eh...


The odd thing—in a year of odd Konami things—is that Hideo Kojima was at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, but as a visitor.

This reminds me of when Kojima recently wandered around Tokyo autographing things because there wasn’t a signing session set up for The Phantom Pain.

Top photo: S_blacky

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