Fans Think They Hear The Final Fantasy "Prelude" In Genshin Impact

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Screenshot: Genshin Impact
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While, yes, Genshin Impact is more than a Breath of the Wild clone, the free-to-play RPG’s background music is reminiscent of another iconic game’s theme song, say some fans.

As reported on Japanese site Hachima, it’s been pointed out that the music during the menu screen below seems to apparently resemble the Final Fantasy “Prelude.” Other fans on Twitter also claim to hear the Prelude. Have a listen and judge for yourself.


And the Final Fantasy tune.

You kind of have to ignore the singing in the Genshin Impact background music until the harp kicks on. But it seems to be in a different key, and this might be more of an homage? Maybe? Well, what do you think?

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isn’t the prelude theme just a common arpeggio anyway? I think I remember something about it from one of those music theory channels on youtube.