Fans Helping Fix Uncharted 3's Terrible Aim

I think Crecente was a little kind with his Uncharted 3 review. For me, the changes made to the gunplay (namely in the speed and accuracy with which you aim your weapons) nearly killed the game for me, and for an adventure where you spend so much time playing with guns, that's a big problem.


So much so that developers Naughty Dog, who initially said the alterations were a concession towards realism, eventually got some long-time fans of the game into their offices to help fix things. Explain to the developers, who thought the new system was awesome, why so many people actually playing the game hated it.

That feedback has helped Naughty Dog with its work on an upcoming patch for the game, which will, among other things, let gamers choose to either retain Uncharted 3's "new" mode or switch back to something closer to that found in Uncharted 2, whose aiming felt looser (and whose bullets actually went where the reticle was pointing).

Interestingly, Naughty Dog say that in months of testing prior to release not a single person had an issue with the game's aiming.


How Smart Uncharted Fans Changed Naughty Dog's Game [Giant Bomb]

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