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Fans Do Dragon Ball Z Better Than Hollywood Ever Could

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Hollywood, you really blew it. Real-life Dragon Ball Z fights can be incredibly cool.


Dubbed Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, this fan-created webseries is based on DBZ's Trunks' backstory. The pilot starts slow, and yes, some of the acting is dodgy, but stick with it. Light of Hope gets good.

The big set piece fight turned out really well, and the whole thing is done with so much gusto and heart. Can't wait until the series starts to hit its stride.


In case you need a reminder of how terrible Hollywood's Dragon Ball Evolution was, watch this.

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For the budget I'm sure they're working with, that was thoroughly enjoyable. I'm actually interested to see more. From a fully-funded feature film I'd expect a hell of a lot more obviously, but for a fan project like this? That was gold.