Building StarCraft units from LEGO is always awesome. Building an entire map, with all three races with their buildings and units included, is really awesome. An international group of LEGO builders just did that: A huge set featuring everything StarCraft.

The actual map’s design looks a bit like the techy-looking Daybreak with a bit of BroodWar vibe. But, of course, this one’s totally unbalanced. There’s the Protoss in the left corner dealing with a Nydus Worm and some Battlecruiser harassment. The Terran, trying to survive in the center of the map. And the Zerg on the far side, facing a huge Terran drop attack.


Here are some highlights. Check out the rest in higher quality in the builders’ galleries with individual shots of the units and the buildings. It’s truly amazing:

And here’s video by SierconCoral:

Photos via: Cecilie Fritzvold, Simon Liu, Tim Schwalfenberg

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