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Fans Are Making The Ultimate Tony Hawk Game

A small group of fans (thanks morten, %gone, quazz, chc, krad, demo and frost!) have taken Tony Hawk's Underground 2 and modded the pants off it, adding a bunch of levels and getting the whole thing running in 1080p.


They've also improved online play, added new skater customisation options and even included settings that'll change the game to play like either the PC or PS2 versions.

That's what they've currently got running; stuff they want to add in the near future include levels from every other Tony Hawk's game (!), a level editor and even a new story mode.


You can grab a copy of the mod here (or here), but note you'll need a PC copy of Tony Hawk's Underground 2 for it to work.

If you do get it, and have any questions, try @frostyhawkng or @thpsx on Twitter, you should be able to get some help there.

Tony Hawk Mods [site]

Openspy[can run PS2 & PC games online via PC]

We've been working on a Tony Hawk's Underground 2 DLC (Unofficially) and we'd like to hear your thoughts [Reddit]

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I may be wrong here, but wont bumping the game to 1080p make it technically look worse?

It's always been my experience that when you take an old game and then run in at resolutions (or through higher inputs), you only end up seeing how ugly the game now is.