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Fans Are Covering The Songs From Night In The Woods' Rhythm Game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mae, the main character from Night In The Woods, is in a band with her friends, which is represented by a rhythm game. These songs are catchy, but playing them well is pretty hard. Not content to master a rhythm game, however, some players are recording covers of the songs on actual instruments.

The crown jewel of these covers is this cover of “Weird Autumn,” a song that shows up in the second part of the game. It doesn’t sound too far off from how I imagine Mae’s band to sound. I figure Angus might growl a little more, but they definitely put that much fuzz on the vocals.

This cover of “Die Anywhere Else” also captures the midwest emo sound that the entire game evokes. There’s no vocals on this one, but I can imagine screaming along to it while driving down a winding rural road late at night.

The hardest part of trying to play the rhythm game sections in Night In The Woods is that I don’t really know how the bass parts are supposed to sound. So it’s really cool to see YouTuber William Callender do a bass cover of “Weird Autumn.” That song kind of makes sense now! He says he’ll be doing “Pumpkin Head Guy” next, and I hope he does. Maybe that song will make some amount of sense to me if I can hear it on an actual instrument.

As an added bonus, YouTuber Brent Kennedy has arranged the music from Night In The Woods companion game Lost Constellation into a piano suite. It’s beautiful. Unrelatedly, why is it raining on my face?