Fans Add Obnoxious Product Placement To Half-Life... On Purpose

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Half-Life is one of the greatest games of all time, but it’s missing something. Obviously, that something is hamfisted advertising for Taco Bell.

Black Mesa, the impressively ambitious fan remake of the original Half-Life that Valve’s even allowing people to make money off of, has its own Steam Workshop page. Among more expected mods like sound effects, maps, and headcrabs that make regular headcrabs look like bottom craps is the Product Placement Skinpack. It replaces boring old generic objects in the game world with actual #hashtag #brands. Why, you ask? Uhhhhhh.

A Mod for Black Mesa that gives it a real “Hollywood movie” feel by adding tons of real-life products that you can see!

(Do note I obviously don’t own the rights to any of the products depicted in this mod, it’s merely for laughs/immersion purposes)


Laughs and immersion! People have done many things for worse reasons. For example, a lot of wars have been pretty dumb. Also that one time I broke half of my foot because I was too excited about getting a cookie.

The mod certainly does as advertised (HOHOHOHO), and its attention to detail verges on Snacktaku levels of dedication. Check it out if you’ve ever felt like a timeless classic didn’t have enough ads that made you feel both vaguely hungry and vaguely guilty. Next up, Moby Dick 2: Electric Dew-galoo and Old Yeller 2: Electric Dogloo.

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