After a long absence, Taco Bell has returned to Tokyo. Today, a rather chic Taco Bell began serving customers.

The Japan Times reports that the chain left Japan in the late 1980s, but remained on U.S. military bases. The newly opened restaurant has some Japan-only dishes. This is a look at the menu, via website Gori:

[Photo: Gori]

[Photo: Gori]

At the new Tokyo Taco Bell, prices seem slightly higher than they do in the States, with most meal combos between 760 and 850 yen (US$6.36 and $7.11), and individual items between 500 and 600 yen ($4.18 and $5).

[Photo: Gori]

However, there are cheaper “snacks.” And, as The Japan Times points out, the restaurant does have a Taco Man character:

[Photo: Satoko Kawasaki | The Japan Times]

Here’s Taco Man hanging out with people waiting in line outside.

[Photo: Fearless Records]

The Taco Bell is located on a somewhat cramped street:

[Photo: BillyGrenham]

[Photo: shivramv]

Things get very purple:

[Photo: shivramv]

Via Japanese website Gori, here’s a look inside:

[Photos: Gori]

Top photo: abgk

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