Fancy Coffee Table Turns Into Arcade Setup

Illustration for article titled Fancy Coffee Table Turns Into Arcade Setup

Swedish designer Love Hulten is behind this very Scandinavian, very lovely coffee table. That just so happens to also magically transform into an arcade setup.


As you can see, what from the outside looks like a pair of handles, designed to pull out a draw that maybe has some magazines or remote controls in it, are actually also the arcade sticks for the controllers, which you screw in once the arcade board is out.

There’s a signal box that connects wirelessly to a TV, so that you don’t need to drag cables across the floor (and interrupt the aesthetics) when playing.

While more discerning Street Fighter fans might be looking at this and wondering about the cost, it was a one-off commission for a client, so if you want one you’re going to need to get one made yourself.


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That’s actually a neat idea. Love the handles become joysticks.

It doesn’t look like the box is wireless. The video shows them plugging the tv into, but another wire is coming out of it already. HDMI? Also, is it battery or plug-in?

And of course it’s a Swedish company. Looks like the IKEA aesthetic. I dig it though.