Fan Reimagines The Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remakes

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Screenshot: Millenniumloops

Earlier this year, Game Freak announced Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. These remakes use a chibi-3D art style, but still kept the top-down point of view while exploring the Sinnoh region.


Some liked the art style, while others were less thrilled. You can see how the remakes compare with the original Diamond and Pearl.

YouTuber Millenniumloops did a reimagining of the trailer, which took about a week’s worth of work. Note that this is not a game, just a fan-made trailer!

“I decided to make a re-imagined trailer of the Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl games the way I wanted them to be,” wrote the YouTuber. “This is just my take on it. I have used models from previous Pokémon games as well as some things that I created myself.”

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I know every 20-30-something age fan is going to love this trailer as part of their “Let’s hate Ninty and Pokemon for not giving us exactly what we want,” phase they’re going through, but—

IMO, this is just not a very exciting trailer. Aside from the non-Chibi style human characters, there’s nothing here that should warrant someone being hype over these remakes other than wanting to play D&P with 3D graphics.

Your standards cannot be this low.