Fan-made New Super Mario Bros. 3 Looks Super Insane

What if you took New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS and hacked a complete recreation of Super Mario 3 into the thing? Well, why stop there? Why not put some Metroid and Legend of Zelda in there too?

Well, someone did that, creating the hacked New Super Mario Bros. 3, which not only puts recent Mario powers like the ability to shrink and wear a blue Koopa shell into classic NES era levels, the fan-made game also injects tons of bonus content. There are Metroid-themed zones, classic levels from Super Mario Bros. 2 and much, much more. If you're looking for the hardest of the hardcore New Super Mario Bros. challenges, this might be up your alley.

New Super Mario Bros. 3 [Final Trailer] [YouTube - thanks, Reducks!]

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Looks like a lot of good work with a few small exceptions.

#1. I imagine a lot of people will take issue with this being Mario 3 without the Raccoon suit.

#2. I imagine I'd get frustrated as hell trying to beat those mazes where you have to be invincible the whole time. I like a challenge as much as anyone, but if I had a great run just to miss one last star at the end (assuming there are no checkpoints or extra stars) and have to die or start over would get old after awhile.

That said, it seems like solid work and I always like to see people doing this sort of thing. Good job.