Fan-Made League of Legends Trailer Is So 90s

Had League of Legends been released in the 90s, it might have been released on a floppy disk. Okay, make that a ton of floppy disks.


Here's a funny take on what a League of Legends commercial from the 90's might have looked like. In a word: cheesy. Very cheesy. But that's exactly what makes this rizenvisual trailer so great.

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1,000 disc is a little conservative.

LoL is currently occupying 4.04 GB on my drive.
That's 2,880 1.44 MB disks.

Assuming the associated hardware had a big enough bus to copy the discs in 2 seconds and it took another 2 to swap them, that's only 3.2 hours.

So at least there's that.