Fans Are Already Improving Pokémon Sun and Moon's Graphics

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The Sun and Moon demo has only been out for a couple of days, but people are already finding ways to tweak and mod it. You know, in addition to unlocking the entire Pokedex before it was announced.


KazoWAR has footage of Sun and Moon running with a “no-line” patch that was created by Shiny Quagsire and TiniVi. The hack changes the visuals to make the entire thing look more cel-shaded. Note that in this case, Sun and Moon is running on a 3DS emulator, which also explains why the game has some additional graphical enhancements:

Honestly, I think I like this better than what Sun and Moon normally looks like.

Speaking to Shiny Quagsire, I was told that the demo was a gold mine for people hoping to tinker with the final game. The demo contains “symbols,” which SQ describes as a “a giant phone book for compiled code” that modders and hackers can make use of. Already, hackers like Kaphotics claim that they’ve figured out how to handle save editing, meaning it’s likely that the cheating will continue to be a big deal for the Pokémon community:

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If this game gets a Switch release with these kind if not better graphics, I would get a Switch day 1.