Fan Creates Final Fantasy VII Sequel Demo

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Since Square Enix isn't terribly keen on remaking Final Fantasy VII, it's up to fans to get the job done. Like this guy, from Thailand, who's made a showreel depicting his dream project: Final Fantasy VII-2


Sure, it looks more like a PS2 game than something you'd expect on a pS3, but with Square Enix claiming a HD remake would take years to develop, maybe the lo-fi option isn't such a bad idea.


Note: We're pretty sure he's not actually doing a remake. This is just something whipped up for fun/fan torture.

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TheToNg [via Siliconera]

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Imbecile. Now he'll be shut down. You don't let the public know ANYTHING until it's DONE, that way it can spread like wildfire and won't be shut down.

Whatever, that animation is TERRIBLE anyway, so maybe it's for the best.