Famous Modder Walks Away After Too Much Abuse

Hope you enjoyed the latest update to the latest, amazing version of the iCEnhancer mod for Grand Theft Auto IV, because it looks like it'll be the last one we're getting, at least for a while.

The mod's creator, technical artist Hayssam Keilany, is taking a break from the scene having had enough of the drama and vitriol that would accompany each of his releases.

And yes, I said drama. Modding may seem like a harmless pursuit to those who simply install the odd mod and enjoy it, but some modding communities (and this is one of them) can be rife with disagreements and politics, usually over the crediting and use of other people's work.


Keilany has also faced a constant stream of abuse from fans of other mods, or simply fans of the original version of the game. Having had enough, he posted a farewell message of sorts on his Facebook page:

So yep, that's it. At every release it's the same, since 1.2. People spitting on me, my work, everything I do just because people know me or whatever. that's always nice -cough-.

I spent days, weeks, months doing 3.0, released it because I thought people would like it and stuff. If you don't then i'm sorry, but it's how I like my GTA.

I'm going to release the installer and downgrader then i'm done for a while.

Thanks to the people who supported me and stuff, you guys are cool. No thanks for the guys trying to bring me down constantly. You guys did it after 4 years, I give up on haters.

Bummer. It's a similar story to that of Darthmod, a giant in the Total War scene who nevertheless faced constant and similar accusations; he's since moved on to making his own game.

You can read Keilany's full statement below.

iCEnhancer [Facebook]

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Luke Plunkett

All I can is I sympathise. The only people who ever say "man up" or "it's the internet" are the people who don't see the private hate mail.