Everyone knows cosplayers often dress up as video game characters. But what happens when a video game features characters based on cosplayers? Madness, that's what. Dogs and cats! Sleeping together! Mass hysteria!

The game in question is Comic Conquest, an upcoming tactical RPG that takes place—where else?—at Comic-Con. The game, coming to mobile devices, tablets and browsers, is summed up thusly over at their site:

[Comic Conquest] is a party-based tactical RPG in which players battle their way through an overtaken comic con, fighting enemies and collecting swag along the path to freedom. Trapped in the building by a mysterious force, players are empowered with costumes and weapons that become real, transforming them from cosplayers to comic commandos.

Comic Conquest will feature art from well-known comics artist Jeff Matsuda. In addition to creating a stylized version of Comic-Con for the game, Matsuda is adding some familiar faces from the real world: Seven famous cosplayers will appear as recruitable characters in Comic Conquest.


The folks making the game have sent over the character art for the first five cosplayers to be featured in the game:

Alexandria the Red

Amie Lynn

Abby Dark-Star

Myrtle Sarrosa

Vampy Bit Me

Joining those five will be Ani-Mia and LeAnna Vamp, whose character art isn't quite finished. According to Comic Conquest's marketing materials, each cosplayer/party-member will have their own detailed backstory and lore. Cosplay lore! Awesome.


The Comic Conquest folk also sent over this group shot of the first five characters:

I've got no idea how the game will turn out, but as concepts go, this whole thing sounds like a lot of fun. Comic-Con may be a crowded mess, but it'd almost surely be more enjoyable if it involved turn-based battles.