Sean Palomino, a video game developer, was moving from Texas to North Carolina in September when he suffered the most bizarre of setbacks: the moving van carrying his stuff caught fire, destroying everything he and his family owned.

Formerly of id Software, the developers of Doom, he was on his way to join up with Epic Games, the team behind Gears of War. It was during the trip across the country that the "van transporting all of the family's belongings experienced a freak accident", first suffering a brake malfunction and then a fire, which left "nothing salvageable".

Arriving at his new job and new home with...nothing, friends of Palomino have set up a charity drive where you can buy a special Gears of War t-shirt, made especially for the cause and with the blessing of Epic's legal team.

It costs $20, with all of the funds raised going directly to the Palomino family.


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