Last year, at the age of 93, Shigeru Mizuki passed away. Here are the seven things he felt led to happiness.

Mizuki is best known for creating the manga GeGeGe no Kitaro and reviving the country’s interest in yokai.


After surviving World War II and after losing an arm, he led a long, varied life. Mizuki seemed upbeat and merry up until the end, continuing to do what he enjoyed whether that was producing new manga or chowing down on cakes and hamburgers.

Via Japanese website Grape, these maxims originally appeared in the famed manga artist’s book, Mr. Mizuki’s Happiness Theory.

Number 1

‘Don’t aim for success, glory, or victory.’

Number 2

‘Keep doing the things you can’t help doing.’

Number 3

‘Don’t compare yourself to others, and you should persistently explore the things you enjoy.’

Number 4

‘Believe in the power of love.’

Number 5

‘Talent and salaries are separate, and tremendous efforts can let a person down as well as impart knowledge.’

Number 6

‘Don’t get lazy.’

Number 7

‘Believe in the world you cannot see.’

Wise words from a wise man.

Top image: Ponpokowes

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