Fallout Shelter Coming To Android August 13th

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Rejoice, Fallout fans on Android. Soon, you too will be able to create a vault full of productive citizens, according to news coming out of QuakeCon 2015.


Additionally, Mr. Handy—a character from Fallout 4—will be added to Fallout Shelter as well, for both iOS and Android users. You can use him to collect resources more easily, or to battle raiders. Neat! The update will also include stuff like Deathclaws and mole rats; in other words, more stuff to keep the game interesting.

Fallout Shelter, as you may already know, is a resource management game much like Tiny Tower—only with way better writing, and that signature Fallout humor. The game was a huge hit on iOS, and now Android players will get to see what the fuss is all about.


The patch helped, but there is still a big problem with corrupted saves. I had to restart a vault from scratch.

Android USERS: DO NOT BUY THE P2W lunchboxes! I did that on my 2nd vault because of the file corruption bug, and all it does is rush you to the “end game” which is simply unlocking all the rooms and finding rares and ultra rares.

Take your time w/ this game. Because once you unlock everything, you realize there is no end game.