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Fallout: New Vegas Is Rolling In The Dead Money

Illustration for article titled Fallout: New Vegas Is Rolling In The Dead Money

Dead Money, the first batch of downloadable content for Fallout: New Vegas, is now available on Xbox Live, and we've got a lovely screenshot gallery so the PC and PlayStation 3 gamers can play along.


Fallout: New Vegas players that scraped up the 800 Microsoft point asking price for the Xbox 360-exclusive Dead Money are likely searching for the lost treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino as we speak, so they need no gallery. The rest of us must content ourselves with a series of screenshots, as well as the knowledge that the expansion pack would have been that much more enjoyable had it been called Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Monkey. Just a 'K' away from true greatness.

[gallery 5715636]

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For all of the raging fanboys with internet e-boners and whiners:

Yes the game has been patched (1.02). 90-95% of the bugs, glitches, and broken quests have been fixed. Making a game this open ended, with so many variables, choices, and consequences, work is nothing short of a fucking miracle. Get over your whiney selves. It's was old over a month ago. Even older now.

It's a timed exclusive, and will eventually launch on PC and ps3 as well. Again: get over yourselves, you will get it soon enough.